Felicity Futures Part Two - The Film  

If we've said it once, we've said it at least a dozen times: if Felicity was good enough to launch Shailene Woodley’s career, it is more than enough for this podcast. In episode eight, we consider Woodley’s turn as a spunky colonial frenemy in Felicity: An American Girl Adventure  (2005). Along the way, we ask important questions about its team of producers, which was mysteriously led by none other than America’s sweetheart, Julia Roberts. This line of inquiry includes a stunning and hair raising revelation by Mary. We also wonder aloud why grown men take time to consume this material in a hate-watch fashion & then post about it. Lastly, Mary and Allison share their thoughts on the HBO-produced show everyone is talking about, and no, there is not a throne, but there is a queer hero. 

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